Elite Shutters & Blinds At A Glance

Elite Shutters & Blinds continues to be one of the fastest growing small businesses around despite the economic downtown.  The company attributes its success to the fact that company leaders and staff are always looking for new and innovative products, partners and employees to set themselves apart from their competition.  Eloy-based Elite Shutters & Blinds continues to grow a rapid pace and is becoming a leader in the home improvement industry.  For 200, the company projects a 102 percent revenue growth rate, as well as a 127 percent employee growth rate.

Elite Shutters & Blinds believes that “you’re only as good as your employees,” so the company goes above and beyond to maintain employer-employee relationships that contribute to satisfactory productivity, motivation and morale.

Elite Shutters & Blinds is not willing to compromise the values upon which it has built its business.  Due in part to this philosophy, the company was one of three to receive an award from the Better Business Bureau for business ethics in 2009.

arizona business magazine__november 2009


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